Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is done with a speacilized tool that cleans the surface and removes bacteria, allergins, dirt, grime, and even makes the colors brighter. The upholstrey in your home can be much dirtier than it appears.

our Process


If the furniture appears to have debree, We will vaccum the surface making sure it is clean before we begin.

prep the carpet

While our water heats to an excess of 200 degrees, we pre treat the carpet and agetate the surface to make sure the treatment gets into the fibers.

CLeaning Begins

We now start the cleaning process. We pump a cleaning solutions into the surface, breaking down any dirt or grime, then vaccum it out removing any contaminents.

Kill Bacteria and viruses

We clean and disinfect with heat of atleast 200 degrees. That temperature kills germs and bacteria of all types.

Who do we service?

our expertise


At Nu-Look we have a quality gurantee, If your not pleased with our service we will do everything we can to make it perfect!


We also provide industry leading service to all of our customers. Customer service is our top priority and cleaning surfaces is our top skill.